5 Best Jackson Hole Restaurants to Fuel Your Adventures

There is a plenty of options for fine dining in Jackson Hole, for example Jackson Hole hotels, however this list will incorporate these restaurants alongside those that will fill you up for less and make sure that you start your adventures right. There is variety available in the resort, so either head to one of these or find your own way. Saying this, if you stick to those places on this list then you won’t go wrong when looking to fuel your adventures.

Nani’s Genuine Pasta House

If you are looking for Italian food, then you have to head here. This place will provide you not only with food to keep you going but an authentic Italian dining experience, something that is hard to come by even if you head to some other options that offer fine dining in Jackson Hole. This place offers you a comprehensive menu that really caters to every taste, due to its size, and uses fresh ingredients that will make you feel as though you are dining in your own home. The handmade pasta and great desserts come recommended.

Snake River Grill

If you are looking for somewhere located centrally, and near to a lot of Jackson Hole hotels, then Snake River Grill is a great choice. Situated right on the town square it is in close proximity to most things, making it easily accessible. The food, however, is superb. Offering something closer to fine dining, this place serves food to a high standard. However, it still seems to maintain a rustic feel with its American grill choices. The ingredients and produce are always fresh, meaning you know that the food will be as good as anything. The shared starters are a must try.

Mangy Moose

Where is the first stop for many after they leave their Jackson Hole hotels and head out for their first taste of après-ski? It is the Mangy Moose. This place most definitely does not offer fine dining, but will provide you with homely food, massive portions and cheap prices. Having been opened since 1967, this place is a classic on the Jackson Hole scene and a list without it would be incomplete. It is a go-to for both tourists and locals, so they must be doing something right. Alongside the unique dining experience you will get to witness here, this place is a favourite for many.

Teton Thai

If you are looking past the classic fare on offer around, but still want something that will offer a fine dining experience in Jackson Hole, then you cannot go wrong with Teton Thai. Offering up Thai food for 12 years, this high quality food is cooked by Thai chefs. This place is consistently referred to as the best Thai in the valley.

Rendezvous Bistro

This place is a favourite for locals; forever a sign that you know a place is good. If you really want to fuel your adventures then the comfort food that they offer here is not a bad choice at all. Part of the Gavin Fine and Roger Freedman group of restaurants, this place comes highly recommended.

There is where you should head if you are looking for a restaurant that will fill you up and give you the energy to keep pursuing those adventures. This list is not inclusive, so there are other fine dining in Jackson WY that you could give a try.

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