Whistler BC Ski Vacations – 8 Local Secrets For Getting Top Value

The Whistler Blackcomb skiing resort in British Columbia Canada is one of the nicest ski resorts in North America if not the world. Based primarily on skiing the village was built for this purpose and present the visitors with many amenities and services to make the trip as enjoyable and interesting as possible. You may be thinking that such places are expensive and you guessed well, but here are 8 Local Secrets for getting top value for your money and have an amazing trip, visit us now!

Have a flexible schedule

Having a flexible schedule is a great way of ensuring that you get a good value for your money. Avoid the weekends and the holidays where everyone is planning to go on a trip and you will find a lot more flexibility in prices and options available to you.

Avoid peak dates

The Whistler Blackcomb skiing resort provides various rates for accessing its slopes depending on the times of the year. Those dates are roughly the same every year but they are often listed online. Take note of those dates and see if they match with the rest of your plan. Book your accommodations as soon as you know your timing and there you get the best value.

Check accommodations and lift ticket prices

Accommodations are not the only costly amenities you will be needing to pay for. Sometimes, the prices for lift tickets vary depending on the season and the timing you are booking it in. Check those before you make your final reservations.

Look for promotions

Many travel agents or resorts offer discounts if you get an all-inclusive packages. Look for those promotions and book your transport, accommodations and lift access all at the same time. You will find that you are saving greatly.

Choose your locations wisely

Many people think it is best to be within a skiing distance from the slopes so you can ski directly from your hotel. You may want reconsider this proposition as often those trails are not well maintained and take up your energy before you arrive to the actual ski slopes. Sometimes, walking the village is also very enjoyable and interesting.

Choose your transportation wisely

Sometimes, leaving Thursday instead of Friday would get you a better deal. Do not book the first flight you find, there are many airport getting you into the metropolitan area of Vancouver and many ways to get to Whistler. Look into those and find what works best for you.

Book with owners directly

Whenever possible, try booking with the owner instead of a Whistler condo rental agency. You save agency fees and owners often take good care of their apartments and you will have more amenities and services for a smaller price.

Whistler BC Ski Vacations

Pre-booking incentives

Many services such as the lifts are cheaper if you pre-book them instead of buying them when you arrive. You will also have the luxury of skipping through lines saving you more time and giving the best value for your money.

Next time you are thinking of getting to Whistler, be sure to thoroughly research the options you have for Whistler Blackcomb accommodations, you can end up saving a lot of money and getting better deals

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